Grand Dinner Party at the Blue Table Edition 1


Today I had my first Grand Dinner at the Blue Table. I’ve had dinners before, of course, but this time I invited a lot of people and those brought friends and in the end, there was a real crowd at the table. When Anne, a friend I met at our common friend Anne’s (yeah, same name) wedding, came in, she said, “How on earth did you manage to find so many Swedes in Hamburg?” Because yes, there was a Swedish numeric superiority, so I still have to work on that balance.

Calm before the storm: lots of inside lights now that the dark seasons approaches

Calm before the storm: lots of inside lights now that the dark seasons approaches

One girl who is doing an exchange in Hamburg, Helena, is friends with the Swedish aupairs and knew me from when we met at the Uppsala language cafe two years earlier. (When Evelina first told me, “I met a girl and she knows you!”, my immediate reaction was, “But I am new here, no one knows me”. But the long arm of Uppsala reaches me even here. Or should I say the warm embrace?)

I finally made enough friends to have a grand dinner ;-)

I finally made enough friends to have a grand dinner 😉

Amazingly enough, she remembered everything about me – I was really impressed! When Annika came in later and sat down next to her, her hair being considerably darker than usual because for her formation dancing she had to blacken it with shoe polish, it took a while until Helena and Annika realized that Annika is Helena’s university teacher. We also learned that my friends Chiko and Lisa, who did not know each other at all before, work in the same house and know the same people. The world is small and so is Hamburg!


Nadia commented on my home: “You have a balcony AND a bath tub. You are truly living every Swede’s dream”.

In accordance with Swedish tradition (and because it is easy to make), we had tacos. I made my typical dessert, Scottish Delight, a recipe I got from my mom. It is the easiest dessert on earth and still gets everyone to ask for second and third refills. Since I know bloggers post recipes and stuff, I decided to share this brilliant recipe with you. Please call me a food blogger now.

Scottish Delight (for four people)

1 tin of peaches

500 g strawberries, can be frozen

2 cans of cream (approx 500 ml)

500 g yoghurt

vanilla sugar

brown sugar

Chop up peaches and put them in a pan, like a glass casserole dish.

Whisk the cream stiff, sweeten with vanilla sugar and carefully mix it with the yoghurt, pour the cream-yoghurt over the fruit. Sprinkle brown sugar all over and put in the fridge overnight. The brown sugar builds a layer that looks like caramelized and delights the guests.

You can of course use other berries/fruit as well but this is my recommended combination.