Ebay and me

This one I am not giving away for free of course.

This one I am not giving away for free of course.

You know I have been decluttering like a mad woman. And I actually have a lot of things that are perfectly okay but I either do not like them anymore (luckily, taste develops), I have two of them or I am 20 years too old for them. Depending on what it is, I either put it in the premium box for friends and relatives or I put it on ebay.

When I have a good Christian day, I put it on ebay for free. You might not now it, but I am a faithful follower of Flylady and she calls on everyone to bless other people with those things. So last week I put up my old stereo and my old TV. I have another stereo and I don’t have any time to watch TV and when I find time, I won’t watch on a screen as small as my computer but with worse screen quality. But who knows, maybe someone else wants it?

The reactions you get are amazing. Firstly, people ignore if you wrote “please text only” and by lunch break, I’ve had 28 missed calls. (As well as a lot of emails, many stating: “Still available?!” only.) I bet my 15-year-old-stereo felt flattered. Then, the interested people want you to meet them on their terms and actually believe you will alter your plans to give them something as a present. When you do adjust your plans to meet them, they do not show up. The highlight was definitely a lady asking me if I could deliver the TV to her house. Eh, I am giving you this for free and I do not even know you, you have not given a reason either (like “I am paralyzed and really cannot come”), so what on earth would make me deliver the gift to your door when I have 45 other people in queue? Either she has a funny world view or I am a heartless person.

But do not despair if you were planning to give away something online: Eventually, smart people came at a convenient time and were friendly and polite and happy. For the others, I might write the “Guide to Securing a Free Item on Ebay Kleinanzeigen” one day.