Sizzling hot in here


The past three days, I was sitting at my desk, holding a fan to my face. The fan is longish so the intern thought it looked like a yuppie phone. When the heat gets too intense, I sometimes talk into the fan. It’s 31 degrees in the office, and it has been that for several days in a row.

It’s really a serious challenge to work in this weather. Even lifting a finger to type makes the sweat run down one’s forehead. I am actually not exaggerating. But that did not stop the intern to perform several interior design tasks: he equipped my desk with a longed-for pin board (I love it! Just need some motivational photos of Princess Estelle on there still.), set up a whole wall of panel curtains and rearranged the entrance area. By the sweat of his brow.


The new protective barrier


Last Sunday, I went to the flea market and bought a candleholder and a alfi-coffeepot


Del 4 i random-citat-från jobbet

“Jag gillar inte Göteborgare. De är så dryga”. Hela kontoret i kör: “Ska du som Stockholmare säga!”

“Känner du inte till Dr Alban?! Var var du på 90talet?!” “På dagis. I Tyskland”.