Back in town

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The second last day pÄ landet I woke up to this breakfast Joraine had prepared for me, tasted am-az-ing!

And we’re back in town! Or actually two different ones, Joraine continued to Gothenburg and I stayed where I belong, in the capital. It is quite a difference to be in the city after a week of no make up, same clothes every day and biking as the only means of transportation. Now the city’s pulse is capturing me again and we’ll see how long I can make the countryside calm last.


Of course we browsed the shops upon return. Designtorget sells nice stickers these days!

Helen hanging out in churches

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The Swedish Church, despite often being critized, seems to combine several characteristics that very much appeal to me and make me feel at home. That’s why I hang out in Swedish churches whenever I get the chance. The fact that, during July and August, most churches offer “music on a summer evening” only adds to the attraction that drew me to BrĂ€nnkyrka Church, Blidö Church, Norröra Chapel, NorrtĂ€lje Church, Djurö Church. I got to swish my offerings, experience my friend Henrik playing live, introduce my mother to Evert Taube on a tribute evening, listen to an uncommon pastor, find a forgotten leaflet from a wedding the day before with a wonderful song, and just last night, I listened to a harp concert, reminiscing about my 6th grade music teacher because the harp played “The Carnival of the Animals”, that she introduced us to.

Hanging out in churches – very worth it.

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The most simple House of God I visited was Norröra’s chapel

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In a Swedish church, it is not uncommon to have a children’s corner

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Also, you can donate money by Swish (an app that lets you text money)

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Blidö Church

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My friend Henrik who played a concert at BrÀnnkyrka church where I showed up as a surprise fan/groupie

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BrÀnnkyrka Church

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Djurö Church

Summer time

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Ah, the lovely archipelago life continues! With trips to the Ica, daily hang outs at the beach and breakfast outside every day. With barbecueing with fires by the lake or sea, and me taking bike tours to the little church on the neighboring island. With exploring “downtown” consisting of two restaurants and a kiosk, reading the newspaper and looking at ferries flying the rainbow flag for Stockholm Pride that started today. It’s these days that mean Swedish summer and that will be remembered when the dark winter comes along.

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Bianca spent Monday with me and got not one, but two ice creams

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The good life

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Joraine keeps me excellent company the next couple of days. We’re so fancy, we even eat out.

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Time to finally read the paper!

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The bike is our best friend

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View from the car bridge. Helt okej.

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Romantic Campfire

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Church. Graveyard overlooking the sea, idyllic beyond death. The church even has its own jetty.

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Citatsamlingen del 36

Den hÀr elden Àr faktiskt bÀttre Àn Netflix!

PrÀsten var lite mindre svensk och lite mer mÀnniska.

“Jag har faktiskt semester!”


“Jag har faktiskt semester”, I am actually on vacation, is my signature line since Michelle and I arrived pĂ„ landet, at the countryside, two days ago. When I am walking slow, when I am sleeping in, when we buy lots of Swedish strawberries, I half-ironically inform that I am on vacation and have every right to do so. Michelle laughs understandingly and picks some more blueberries for me in the forest surrounding us.

We are not that far from town, but far enough to relax. I am not good at vacationing but I found that being in a cabin on the countryside is one good way to unwind. Yesterday night, Malin joined us and now complete for two days, we spent our time eating, lying in the sun, cycling to the Baltic Sea with one on the rear rack and hardly functioning brakes, an audacious adventure on the gravel roads. Sometimes a deer walks by our cabin that lies only some hundreds meters from a secluded lake. Bathing is the main point on our to-do-list, especially Michelle is eager to do morgondopp, lunchdopp and kvĂ€llsdopp, three daily bathing opportunities. “It looks good today”, she says about the bathing schedule, because we spent most of the day at the beach. Reading light literature, a seagull in the sky, the sun beaming down, the glittering blue of the Baltic Sea within eyeshot, I heard the delighted voices of children following the familiar sound of the ice cream truck, and I didn’t take off my bathing suit all day.