Bless you!


Every move I make, every step I take – I was sneezing. People say a cold gets better after three days, well not for me apparently.We went to the pharmacy to ask for something stronger/more useful than what the German pharmacy had given me, only to be told, “Maybe you should be in bed”.

It was a rather slow tour of Karlstad we could do due to my condition but I did get to see some of Värmland’s capital. They have so many beautiful houses! “Karlstad seems to really have been spared by the war”, was my first thought which shows how deeply ingrained the effects of WWII are in my brain. Obviously, there has been no bombings here. But in 1865, the town burned down, however it seems to not have done too much to the charm of this place that has set up countless post-1865-buildings that had me marvel at them.

Karlstad is also full of water, here’s a stream, there’s a lake and around the corner waits a river. Just what I love in a city! They even have a beach literally in the middle of town where we sat and rested a while. The good thing with visiting close friends is that, even though if certainly it would have been interesting to be healthy to do more sightseeing, the main purpose of the trip, hanging out and talking to Malin, could be fulfilled even when sneezing like a crazy person. (She’s very tolerant and boldly takes the risk of being infected.)


Quite a great slogan: “Lawyers’Office: We know about love, death and money”.


At the very pretty Värmlandsmuseum they had quotes on the outside, this one saying, in local dialect, “Give me a globe but preferably one with only Värmland on it”



Malin with Värmland’s famous son Nils Ferlin


Malin with a moon balloon and the Karlstad Cathedral


City beach


Del 12 i citat-samlingen

“De skulle väl på nåt kyrkligt eller?” “Nej”. “Men du sa ju mässa?” “Ja men jag menar företagsmässa”. “Jaha. Hade nån annan sagt mässa hade jag tänkt på företagsmässa men när du säger det utgår jag ifrån att det är mässa i kyrkan”.

“Hur ser norrskensprognosen ut?” “Det är risk för norrsken ikväll”.