Train Magazines


I don’t think the “Här saknas text” is supposed to be there. Skärpning, SJ!

A place where you would not expect interesting journalism is the train. At least I never thought the free magazines train companies put on every seat would be worth a read. Because really, how exciting are free customer papers, the ones you can pick up at the grocery store? But the train is an exception. Since at least ten years I have been reading “mobil”, as the German Deutsche Bahn calls its magazine. Every month, they have a well-known celebrity on the cover and come up with actually inspiring stories and travel reports. (I am not saying this because I once got to intern at their editorial office.) When I still lived at home, it was an unspoken rule for everyone who had been out travelling on a long distance train to bring “mobil” home for the others to read.

When I started travelling on SJ, Sweden’s railway company, I discovered they had an equivalent called “Kupé” (Swedish for compartment). And wow, “Kupé” might even be better than “mobil” – I often rip out parts that I find so intriguing that I have to forward them by snail mail to friends. Last week when Malin and I travelled Stockholm – Örebro again, I took the magazine with me, exported it all the way to Germany and enjoyed a good read on the Hamburg – Düsseldorf route While the young people next to me were playing a card game and the South German couple opposite reminisced on their Hamburg visit, I busied my mind with the quiz-page that I newly had discovered in “Kupé”. I might be easily amused but I was quite entertained with their guessing games. See if you can re-translate these cities correctly into Swedish – and make sure to pick up “mobil” respectively “Kupé” when you travel by train the next time [This post is not sponsored by any publishing houses. Too bad.]