Bike luxury


I made one of my wishes come true this week! Ever since some sneaky sneaky thief stole my much loved bike in 2011 in Bremen, I’ve been wanting to have a bike front basket again. Because I do transport lots of things on those two wheels, I now treated myself to the not-so-cheap Klickfix system which allows you to ‘click off’ the basket if you want to take it into, say, the Aldi store (since after buying the Klickfix you can’t afford any other supermarkets).

One of the things I always pass by on my way to work is the Miele store. As you most probably now, Miele is a large German company selling white goods, especially washing machines. Recently, they visually enhanced the distribution box outside their store (I think at least that that is what is is) – in such a smart and fun way and in such accordance with their brand, I had to stop to photograph it: