La La – seriously?

Go see La La Land, they wrote. It’ll be fun, they wrote. This year has started as my cinema year, I’ve managed to check off “Sing” (great soundtrack, fun movie), “Arrival” (watch-worthy and puzzling), “Passengers” (Jennifer Lawrence alone would be a reason to watch but the film is actually pleasantly thought-provoking) and now we went to see “La La Land”. I am still trying to remember what the last film was I disliked this much. The script is amazingly bad (at times, I thought maybe they were being ironic by using such worn-out movie lines), the plot terribly boring (follow your dream. don’t give up on your dream. make your dream happen. Oh and also, here’s some cheesy love story. Don’t forget to follow your dream.), the songs mediocre at best (and to make us all understand which one the theme song is they played it five times throughout the movie) and the actors – I’m sorry I know everyone is crazy about Ryan Gosling but I really, really don’t understand why. He’s not even that good-looking! As you can see, I am shocked by how far the Golden Globe jury, the movie critics and I differ.

Anyway. My co-workers nevertheless think I should make some extra money in exactly that industry. My reading voice has been commented on several times now and when I was to demonstrate to my newly returned co-worker what my old co-worker meant with “When Helen reads food descriptions aloud, it always sounds so…different”, she established I should definitely sign up for some voice audition for commercials. Food commercials, I assume. Golden Blossom: Low in moisture so that it is thick and rich – more honey for your money.


I interviewed an opera singer for our magazine today. Very fascinating. Did you know Swedes and Germans place the same voice in different voice categories? You’ll read all about in when the magazine comes out.

Citatsamlingen del 25

Men vad ska jag berätta om min helg då, att jag kommer sitta och prata Hitler? – Ja! Då kanske han säger, Vad kul med Hitler, kan inte vi prata lite Hitler när vi ses nästa gång?

Igår kom nya deklarationsblanketten ut! Jag kanske ska ändra mina planer och inte gå på bio och istället sätta mig och deklarera!

‘Hösten är min vår för då öppnar teatern’ är ett Strindbergcitat. – Men, åh. Lilla Strindis!

When do people find the time?

It is fall which means all the series start again and the movies are suddenly full of stuff you actually want to see. Bron came back, Grey’s Anatomy reappeared, Downton Abbey is on again, I suppose even Modern Family has a new season. And then there’s all the movies that sound promising. Not to mention the new books flooding the market. When do people find the time to keep up with all this? I don’t. Because sometimes, even I have to sleep. I was reminded of that today when I, after two nights with too little sleep, woke up sickly. Made it to and through work and even made it to the movies. We saw “The state versus Fritz Bauer”,an excellent movie about an Attorney General trying to bring ex-Nazi officers to justice against major resistance from within the German justice system. Very informative, highly recommended – I don’t know how you’ll make time but if you need to chose between Grey’s Anatomy and this, choose this. 

Chamber Conclave


Today I had to get up almost as early as on a work day. Because it kind of was a work day – a voluntary work day though. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce met for a closed meeting today in Hamburg and of course we (the junior organisation’s coordinators) wanted to be there as well. Around this meeting, there were several get togethers this week with other representatives of the board and after that, I must say my understanding of how the Chamber works has significantly increased. Plus, I got to sit in work groups with CEOs of seriously important companies and organizations and – since it’s Sweden – we discussed on a friendly, equal level. Still, I haven’t felt this young in a while because even among the junior delegates, I was by far the youngest. (Just to be clear: it is great to be/feel young.)

When I rushed co-coordinator and chauffeur out of the amazingly 60s and yet kind of modern Vattenfall headquarters because I had to fulfill a secret mission (cannot talk about it yet), we left with a clearer picture and new inspiration. And now I am off to do one of my favorite things: the movies. Finally there is a film at the movie theatre that is just a stone throw away from home!



Christmas starts here

The number of broadcasting times  and variety of channels that broadcast the film already shows how important Aschenbrödel is for Germans.

The number of broadcasting times and variety of channels that broadcast the film already shows how important Aschenbrödel is for Germans.


Some things are important for Germans. So important that one of the biggest and most renowned newspapers publishes a table on it. If you are following German news or blogs, you might guess what I am talking about: Süddeutsche Zeitung’s service for Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel.

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel. (Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella) is a Czechoslovak/East German fairy-tale film from 1973. Tři oříšky pro Popelku, as the movie is called in its original version (kind of awkward for Germans maybe since Popelku[h] means Boogercow in German but I am drifting off here), is one of the peculiarities of a German childhood Christmas. Most people will have watched this movie every year, maybe even more than once, and the soundtrack (that you should listen to) makes the typical German feel at least as Christmassy as when hearing the Silent-Night-tune. Every childhood Christmas, I remember sitting with my twin aunts who were teenagers then and who adored this movie.

One of the most interesting things with this holiday tradition is that the movie was made in Eastern Europe and premiered in East Berlin. Despite the West German orientation towards the U.S., the Czech films (that actually were Czech-East-German co-productions) were met with great enthusiasm and secured a spot in the hearts of the whole of Germany.  

So if you want to tyska till dig (“germanize yourself” in my friend Evelina’s words) this Christmas, I highly recommend cuddling up in front of your TV with a bowl of hazelnuts and this film. Above you find the mentioned table – so that no one misses these few opportunities now!