New Year’s Resolution



Getting a dog is not part of my resolution. But I like dog-sitting.

The new year is a few days’ old and I think I’ve come up with my resolutions. I even assigned resolutions to the friends in the cabin that did not have own and wanted some. Axel was particularly satisfied with the mission to visit a new town every month of 2016.

My own resolutions these past years have been odd: 2012, I pledged to watch more TV. In 2013 I decided to not eat any reindeer for 12 months. And last year, I was determined to go out and party more. In comparison, 2016’s commitment appears ordinary. I will add 15 minutes to everything I plan in order to tackle my inner time optimist.It is a really difficult resolution for me.

After the Ice Club experience, I also consider listening to German music radio for 10 minutes daily and to Swedish music radio 10 minutes daily to stay on top of recent music developments. Because I listen to information radio all the time, I am kind of stuck in 2013 when it comes to songs. That’s quite unacceptable and makes me feel old so…Happy New Year!