The Pokébridge


I’m back at work where I was greeted enthusiatiscally by my co-workers upon my return. There’s lots going on now with three big events in store this fall. I am oscillating between sleepless nights worrying about the arrangement and having great fun when I suceed in convincing sponsors to partner up with us or discussing flower choices.

Dizzel has been treating us to some real summer days with humidity (who thought that was possible here?) and my co-worker and I took the opportunity to go for a lunch walk to what might currently be the biggest sight in this city: The Pokémon Bridge. Yeah, you heard right. The Girardet Bridge, only a stone’s throw from the office, has become the mekka of all Pokémon Go players and got Düsseldorf into international news when the mayor decided to close off the bridge for all traffic and put up portable toilets.



We were there this week and it is really packed. I wonder if none of these people have any duties to attend to? The most endearing sight was when an old lady walked over the bridge and stopped to bend down and ask the teenagers about what they were doing.

But because one bridge is pokéblocked and another is under construction and with local complaning about the noise, the city administration felt this was no longer acceptable. They have contacted the makers of the popular game to shut down three of the four so-called Pokéstops on the bridge which are the cause of the huge masses of gamers. But there’s still Dizzel’s PokéTrain to comfort those who now will have to leave the bridge. Apparently, this is a city of monster lovers.


Del 1 i Helens random-citat-från-jobbet-samling:

“Om du vill prata med Helen så har jag några kontrollfrågor: hur lång är du? Hur gammal är du? Är du singel?” (fiktiv telefonsamtal mellan kollegan och en samarbetspartner)

“Jag tittar bara på bilder, det är därför vi rekryterade dig”

“Jag tror folk uttrycker sig illa för att det ska låta tufft”

“Vad vill du ha för fika?” – “Gärna nåt med bär”. “Just det, du är en sån bärofreak”