Another year over


Personal end-of-year-reviews are great statistics and just like Spotify, WordPress also offers a beautiful scroll-through statistic of what I have been doing this year. Or this half-year since Dvensk went online in summer.

Blogs are all about numbers and people pride themselves with thousands of visitors. I have 292 views at most and that’s only when I tag my super popular and ridiculously good looking cousin. But I do not write for quantity, so I am fine with it. (Ingrid tries to battle me with her numbers almost daily, so I have given up a long time ago.) One day I will also pass the 300, haha. Ingrid’s blog was by the way the site that referred me most. Apart from Facebook that is.

What’s so special about my blog is the quality of readers. Some read daily, almost hourly. I know them because they usually reply “I saw that on your blog!” when I try to tell them something. And then there is the mystery readers. I never know who is reading – but I do know it is usually someone I know more or less. It can be a former colleague that I lost contact with. It can be a friend’s friend who I only met once. It can be an acquaintance’s mom. It can be a brother-in-law. Ah, how I love that mysterious thrill.

My biggest blog joy was maybe when after Lucia, someone who read [my old] blog emailed me. “After you had described Lucia in Stockholm so beautifully, I booked a weekend this year and went there. I did all the things you talked about and it was so wonderful”.



A Nation divided

You already know that Reunificiation and all that jazz is my thing. You also know that I religiously follow the weekly newspaper Die ZEIT (when time allows). So now these two things have come together, not too surprising given the major topic that the Fall of the Wall on the media agenda. It is actually very interesting to see how different media in different parts of Germany chose to tackle the topic: the East German Broadcasting Organization MDR publishes all things Fall of the Wall under “25 Years of Freedom”, Google launched the hashtag Deutschland25 and Stern Magazine was full of ads with companies celebrating 1989.

The way Zeit Magazin has captured all these interestings things is something you should see – and it is even in English! Hallelujah! No more excuses to not go infotain yourself: A Nation Divided: East Germany’s legacy remains visible in statistics. Learn about where people are called Ronny, where in Germany people own most guns and – important for German learners! – where which words for stapler and roast chicken are used. (Spoiler alert: There are four different ones and three make me crack up.)

While I’m at it, I might as well add something personal to this Friday post, and yes, of course: The Work Week Song # 44! Since one co-worker has quit and two others are on vacation, this is the appropriate song for this week: