The textexpert has moved


The “sofa”. I changed it from purple-neon-ish (very hip but not very Helen) to white.

Today my colleague wrote an email to our boss about an invitation text. “Our textexpert Helen has suggested the following changes”. Oh, did I like that title! It is almost as great an honor as my title “Hustysk” even if I don’t feel entirely qualified for either title (when I compare myself to my professionally writing friends or when someone asks me something about German traditions and I have to look it up.)

Before I got to work, I answered questions about the Stockholm Card via Whatsapp in my sleep (my former boss would be so proud) and moved house. Talk about efficiency. My new place where I will live until Christmas is equipped with a real kitchen that has four chairs. I doubled my amount of chairs from the attic room – let the dinner parties begin! I can even host overnight guests (o come all ye faithful), the internet actually works (can hardly get used to that) and – håll i hatten – I have a TV! As I prefer watching the public channels (taking back my license fees), the programme is a bit depressing (the refugee question is a big topic). The bathroom is at least as tiny as a Swedish corridor bathroom (people over 1,80 metres cannot use the toilet) but it is not as warm here above Dizzel’s roofs, such a relief. Now I only have to unpack my five bags…