Immortalizing summer

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Today, I saw a sign in a gallery for tasteless photo art that said, “Immortalizing summer”. I couldn’t really understand how it related to the photos but it occured to me that my attempt to immortalize my lovely Swedish summer was kind of washed-up the moment I landed and started, almost compulsively, working off my to do lists again.

Actually, my trip back already began, let’s say, interestingly. I was planning to check in online and add a bag only to find that I was no longer booked on the 12-am-flight with airberlin but on the 9-am-flight with Eurowings. After 52 minutes in their waiting loop, they told me I should have gotten an email about that. Well, I didn’t.

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On my last night, Stockholm saw a lovely rainbow. The end of the rainbow is in Farsta. I am not surprised because that’s where my dear Marita lives.

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This last weekend I also attended my friends’ wedding in Örebro. So much love!

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They had lots of beautiful decorations around the theme music but this one was my favorite. We all had different parts of the song “Vilar glad i din famn” (I rest happily in your embrace) around our cutlery. Internet tells me it was written for Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding. No wonder I like it so much. “I stand holding hands with you / Darkness falls and you shine so […] Where you wander / my yearning wants to live […] Close to you I want to be / calm with your warm soul […] I look for you / I call out your name everywhere/ until I rest happily in your embrace”.

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Malin, Axel, Kristina and I were the Uppsala-choir-friends attending. Malin took a photo of Axel of me that looks as if I had just inaugurated something at Axel’s extremely successful company/super important state authority/very historic family castle.

And now that’s all behind me, the remote lakes, the best friends, the shopping sprees. Work made its demands on me the second I walked in, and it’s a lot these days, but it’s also the place where I was greeted so enthusiastically this morning that it almost makes up for not being Stockhome anymore.

1000 kilometres in 72 hours


On Friday, I did what is common in many work places but what I never got to do before: I left work early because it was Friday. And because I wanted to catch the ICE Sprinter, as the fast fast train is called. The ICE is the fast train and when it is a sprinter it is even faster. It only goes once a day though between Cologne and Hamburg, not stopping at the cities in between (okay, except for a very few like, you guessed it, Düsseldorf). By not stopping so much (usually that train has to call at all the relevant towns in between and in the Rhine and Ruhr area, every city is a major city) the sprinter manages to be 30 minutes faster than the usual ICE. I have a feeling that the sprinter and I will become good friends. Thanks to him/her/it, I walked out of the Hamburg central station at 8, perfectly in time to meet my friend for drinks by the water at the Alster Lake. Also, I got to sleep in my own bed that night. Few things are more wonderful. My apartment in which all windows face south still seems to me like a cooling oasis compared to my attic sauna. (That also distingushes itself by not providing reliable internet. This post is brought to you from the stair case, they only place you have some kind of connection.)


The reason for my weekend escape to the North was my aunt’s wedding which was held two hours north of Hamburg (no, that is not Denmark yet, but the villages already have names like “Löja” and “Bornehöved”). The wedding was held in a location just out of a movie: I have never seen such a picturesque garden.


My late grandparents

My stepdad and I

My stepdad and I


Now I’m on my third home, the train, again on the way southwest. Luckily, I have stuff to look forward to in the (än-så-länge-)outland: tomorrow, my very first visitors, Joraine and Simon from Gothenburg are honouring Düsseldorf with their presence!