Hustysk Helen svarar: Can I pee on the street?

Some weeks ago, I got a rather original text message. A call of help to the Personal German.

 “I really need to go to the toilet, but I am not near home or any restaurant. Is it okay to pee on the street in Germany?”


Well, emergencies can happen, right? Germans have an own word for this because the German language has a word for everything. Wildpinkeln, wild peeing, is how Germans describe urinating on the street and to be upfront with it: no, it is not okay.

Actually, it is illegal as an act of “indecent behavior”, a scandalisation that is fined with an average of 35 euros.

Depending on the city, you might even pay much more. Luckily, the orderly Germans have put together “Fine Atlas for Wild Peeing” (fine as in monetary fine not as in fine Dining). This map gives you a clear overview of where wild peeing is most expensive. I highly recommend peeing on a Berlin street if you now must do it at all. It is only 20 euros there which does explain a lot. In Hanover and Stuttgart, two cities that do indeed look very clean (but unlike Stockholm in a boring way), wild peeing might cost you 5000 euro. You can finance a lot of dry cleaning your peed pants for that.