Hamburg wants to be missed

This spring Hamburg has been extra nice to me. The trees in my neighbourhood have been especially lush. The view at the canal outside my door has been particularly picturesque. At the little shops in the rich streets, I found unusually pretty things. Even the check-out staff at my local Aldi was notably nice. Hamburg has been making an effort to be missed.

And Hamburg will be missed by me. When I’ll be lying in a single bed in a dorm-like apartment tonight (apparently, living the own-apartment-dream was short-lived and I am back to fabulous corridor life, wargh…). Then I will wonder if they have canals with glittering water there in Düsseldorf. If there are these kinds of specialized shops in gentrified areas that sell dotted ribbons?

I can’t even pronounce their city parts. Is it Beehhnrath or Bennrath? And someone told me Horst Schlämmer tricked us all into a wrong pronounciation of Broich, a common city name in that area. I already see it, I will be the laughing stock of Düsseldorf.

What does one do in Düsseldorf?

How far is it to Duisburg, Köln and Dortmund where my friends reside? (Like, for real, not what wants me to believe.)

Where does one buy tights and drugstore products? (Budni, the best druge store ever, exists, sadly, only in Hamburg.)

Where does one find Swedish kanelbullar for fika? Which cinema is cozy and beautiful like Passage Kino or Abaton? Which museum comes up with the most unexpected exhibitions? How much is a cider and do they have Somersby? Which part of town is like Uhlenhorst, Winterhude, Kungsholmen and Östermalm?

Which bar does one go to to live that young urban professional lifestyle with rosé wine and slightly superficial conversation among smart looking people? And, who will be able to divert my attention from the large gap being away from Irreplacable Ingrid leaves?

Let’s go find out.


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