Life is sweet

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I started looking up more today. Lots of nice patterns to find! This is Kungsgatan.

I am sitting on a big sofa in front of the discussion of the Portugal-Wales match on TV. There are four people in the studio: two men and two women. In Germany, when a female commentator was on TV during some matches, people online went wild because they felt that was so wrong.

But that’s not the only reason I think things are paradiasical. It’s mostly that I got to hang out with Bianca all day without any stress and with lots of vardagslyx (everyday luxury). Eating lunch, lying by the water discussing girl topics and strolling to Moderna Museet. That’s where an exhibition with works of Yayoi Kusama was shown. Judging from the posters, it was very instagramable, so we decided to go. Don’t judge us, we’re millenials.

The artist lives in a psych ward since the 1970s and her art is inspired by her hallucinations. Much of her work had either polka dots or phallus themes. A mother with two young kids was standing in front of the penis boat Kusama had created and exclaimed, “Fantastic! Fantastic!”

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At home, we made dinner (actually, we forced Francesco to make dinner) and we went for a walk to the petrol station. I know it sounds silly but it was so nice to stroll around the neighborhood and see the different houses and to check out the magazines at the gas station. Bascially living a normal life. After all these years, I’ve seen (almost) all the touristy things, so a little sururban normality is just what I long for.

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The best fridge in town! (It has the magazine I produce on it)

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Our after-lunch view

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Urban knitting love

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At the mall Gallerian, they made a map with words that describe the city. So cool!

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Even though I am somewhat affected that my former hoods have “gout” written in caps all over them…

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