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Our storage room at work is a bonanza, really. You can find the funniest thing there. Today, I happened to find four sets of the board game “Sverige runt” that I think the Swedish Saturday School uses. Of course I had to take it with me and see what it’s like.

The game looks like a true 80ties pastime. On the cover you see the Swedish nuclear family (but why are the parents dark-haired?) that we instantly named: Mamma Elisabeth, called Bettan, pappa Hans, called Hasse and their kids Anna-Karin and Lars-Åke. Both my co-worker and I struggle to even know the Swedish landskap (province), I have been trying to memorize them for four years now but I always forget Medelpad. (Medelpad, I learned from the game, is the geographical center of Sweden – how is that even possible?!) Our intern is pretty good at this stuff as we noticed when I quizzed each other quickly with a few of the question cards. Such random questions, really. I was extremely proud though of the ones I could answer correctly. Whenever I did not know, I always answered, “Jämtland”.

Here’s a selection for you of those I could answer. Test yourself! (Answers at the very end.)

Who founded Vadstena Abbey?

Where does the Vasa Race start?

What does the sculpture in the Stockholm Cathedral portray?

Which province has most runes?

Which royal lived at Waldemarsudde?

What is the plague during the 1300s commonly called?

Who is considered Stockholm’s founder?

Which one is the biggest party in parliament? (Such a random question since that changes in a democracy?!)


Del 3 i random quotes från jobbet:

Extra co-worker coming out of his office, walking by ours, “Hello, Swedish House Mafia!”

“Dejtar är inte kul, de är som jobbintervjuer”.

“Vad heter det djur äter ur?” “Trog”. “Heter det inte krubba?” “Nej, det fick för hög status pga Jesus”.

“Det ser bra ut.” “Du menar det ser ut som om en tysk hade gjort det”.

Saint Birgitta – Sälen – St. George and the Dragon – Uppland – Prince Eugen – Digerdöden – Birgel Jarl – The Social Democrats




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