Which country has the second most Olympic medals in swimming? Which is, after Russia, the largest former Soviet Union state? Which state was the first to be admitted to the United States in the 20th century? Who did Ted Kennedy lose the presidental primaries to? Which movie was Drew Barrymore’s biggest commercial success?

You don’t know that? Well, Emily’s friends do – in less than 10 seconds. On her birthday, we went to her usual Tuesday night activity: trivia. The trivia team completely overturned any presumptous idea I might have had about Americans’ general education. These people knew everything! And it seemed they could not even really tell me why they knew so much. Of course we, the team, won that night’s pub quiz. Apparently the team is so used to it though that they didn’t even celebrate. But the prize was getting 50 dollars off the tab so I got my soda for free. Even though all I contributed was being amazed by them.

Answers: Australia / Kazahstan / Oklahoma / Jimmy Carter / E.T.


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