Ask me anything

image: A girl who is a geek

“Do I need to come in a tuxedo?”

“Why do Germans love Sweden so much?”

“When does the Mayor of Hamburg arrive to the event?”

I get all kinds of questions these days. Sometimes it feels like the phone is constantly ringing and someone comes with a funny question. This week, whenever I tackled one to-do-bullet-point, three new ones came of it. Sometimes I refer to it as ‘putting out fires’. I never understood why people work late and accumulate lots of overtime, more or less voluntarily. Now I do. If only I could go without sleep one night and work all night, I would finally be on top of things again.

But don’t worry or feel sorry about me. I like when things are busy and this workload to do is a typical pre-event thing. (At least that is what I tell myself.) I am having fun ordering decorations, picking out menus, making people’s day by telling them I am able to give them a ticket to the sold-out event, convincing sponsors that this is where they want to invest their money and at the same time already look at locations for the next event. That’s of course not all I do, I also do lots of less attractive number stuff, look for mentors and speakers, and – this week –meet lots of sales agents coming to our office. One of them wants to sell a database with information on every company in Germany. I always thought I was this culture person who is not interested in economy but when she showed us how to research who owns which company with a few clicks, boy, was I excited. But maybe that is just the silenced investigative journalist in me.

No, you are not required to, but we welcome it. I don’t know yet. Because of Astrid Lindgren. (Answers to the above.)

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