Baby, it’s cold outside

Some say that the body changes every 7 years. If that’s true, my body has now, at change number five (I’m old?!), become a sissy that can totally not stand cold and is always tired. I seriously wonder how I survived all those harsh Swedish winters when here I feel close to death when it’s – 5 degrees Celsius. And yes, I wear gloves and hats and all that. I’m so cold I always wear my wool cardigan that used to be restricted to Polar Circle Trips mostly and I try to avoid being outside. Really, I don’t understand what’s happened to my inner heat. And I finally get why so many Swedes spend their entire January/February in Thailand.

Last weekend, at least I was warmed by the company of my little bonus sister who visited me to get some private history lessons for her A-Levels. First, I took her to the Nazi memorial museum in town . We spent the afternoon learning about what is was like to be young during the Nazi time. It was actually a rather good exhibit even though I am not too fond of occupying my brain with too much Hitler. But that was the motto for the weekend so once at home we continued for many more hours. Trying to be an innovative educator, I ran a search for all my remaining playmobil figures (or similar) to build up a scene explaning what happened during Appeasement politics.


I also got a new intern at work. Today, he got to take over the now so called praktikantkudde. It’s not an award if that’s what you thought, it’s literally the Intern Pillow. Because I am not quite the helicopter internship adviser, the interns have to take care of many things themselves, including accomodation. Apparently, pillows are often not part of the furnished rooms that are rented out in this city and the former intern had bought himself a great pillow that he then did not want to return to Sweden so I, often hosting guests, inherited it. When the current intern told me of the poor quality of the pillow he acquired, I brought the Intern Pillow to work and handed it over. Sleep is important after all!


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